The Teas from India Story

Teas from India brings you a bouquet of niche tea-drinking experiences from a curated set of unchartered territories across India. An initiative to usher in a palette of refined fragrances and tastes under one roof for the truly sophisticated. TFI sets out to honour its ever-evolving century-old legacy with a tinge of variety and a dash of expertise in all matters tea.

An elite bouquet amassing

100 years of heritage

Abundant Assam

Our pick of stories from the sprawling Brahmaputra Valley. Starting from the Tea Tribe that forms an integral part of the Assam population to the wildlife in Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong Hills that sustains the essential ecological balance, we bring the experiences of a rich natural heritage from the most iconic gardens to your cups.

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Dreamy Darjeeling

Tales from the dreamscape of North Bengal with the sky-touching Kanchenjunga as a backdrop. An elegant ride on the Toy Trains through the misty greens with the aroma of the evergreens filling you up with a sense of reverie. Lush, bright gardens with sporadic splashes of reds and blues in tea leaf pickers to bring you an earnestly curated spread of light, subtle flavours.

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Delighful Dooars

Delightful anecdotes from the north of the Brahmaputra River basin. A charming jaunt along the meandering Teesta leading one through an epic pathway of tea gardens, alluvial grasslands and forests lined with towering Sal trees and dotted with wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The smoothest of brews that transports you to a heavenly abode for all life forms to co-exist in true harmony, one sip at a time.

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Nuanced Nilgiris

A fascinating account from the lap of the Blue Mountains. Known for its extensive stretch of the emerald toned tea gardens, every nuance is captured in the leaf-picking and brewing processes lending to a truly unique escapade. A sweet mellow quintessence that withholds the ethos of the southern hills.

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Rare Realms

A rendezvous of unique flavours from Himachal, Sikkim and Arunachal imbued with a spirit of the mountains. A series of rolling terrains, a pristine bouquet of springs and streams and the unwavering greens come together for an exquisite relish. From the sun-kissed mornings of Sikkim to the sweet fragrance of the White Peony, we bring a flush of some of the rare harvests from these regions to the tip of your tongue.

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Bay of Blends

Flavourful chronicles from an array of carefully chosen regions across India. Every sip reminiscent of a unique blend of moods and every flush representative of a seasonal tryst with some of the most niche gardens.

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Garden of Gifts

A hand-crafted bouquet of tales from a magi called TFI. Freshly picked flavours imbued with a hint of aromatic spices like pepper and turmeric. Stories that talk about the interdependence of life forms in these ecosystems and the flourishing growth therein. Every stir a reminder of the sustainable cycle of a beautiful thing called life.

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Ensuring Sustainability

The Tea

As we traverse unchartered regions to bring a niche set of tea-drinking experiences to you, we are encountered with a vast diversity of natural resources in forms of trees, plantations, wildlife, and natural reserves besides the indigenous tribes inhabiting these regions. It is of paramount importance to us that we ensure a balance and harmony among these entities for a sustainable arrangement of interdependence for our present generations and posterity. Through it, we seal a lifelong bond of reliability and continue to usher in elite experiences for our noble tea connoisseurs.

Landmarks In

Our ExperTeas

Established in 1873 as Finlays. Incorporated as Amalgamated plantations Pvt. Ltd. In 2007.

Largest employee shareholder owned company in the industry ~16000 shareholders (13%)

One of India’s largest tea producer with a turnover of approx. Rs 700 Crores.

Each of the company’s 25 tea estates holds several prestigious certifications. All gardens are Trustea certified.

Product mix of high-quality CTC, Orthodox & Green teas at garden Sealing maximum freshness

More than

Just Tea

APPL Foundation was formed on 29th August, 2011, as an irrevocable trust with the dominant objective of the welfare of the general public in distress while keeping sustainability as the goal. The Trust has been formed as a charitable organization among others to provide medical aid, services and relief, attending and propagation of education and learning, environment protection and food security to the general public at large and for the revival of indigenous tribal music and dance. It is also our constant endeavour to maintain an everlasting harmony with the rich natural resources and the environment while providing for and supporting the aboriginal tribes.