Bathe in a

Bay of Bespoke Blends

A customised selection of flavours from every nook and corner of the country with a distinctive taste in each. The varied tales hold a promise of enlivening our palettes for the better every time we take a slurp from the cup.

With a regal

Celebration of its Multiplicity

India is eternally known to be a land of diversity and in matters of flavours in tea, it is no different. Bay of Blends is one such bouquet for a celebration of its variance. From the floral quintessence of rhododendrons, butterfly peas and hibiscus to the ethereal hints of chocolate, lemon, orange or banana, we have got you covered for every mood.

A union of the

Flavours of Diversity

An essence of a

niche range of diverse blends:

Flavours from the sundry lands of the Indian subcontinent to blend in with your moods. A realisation of the ever-evolving essence intertwined with a defined uniqueness in every relish of the brew.