A Dalliance with the

Delights from Dooars

The lower fertile strip at the base of Bhutan hills, Dooars is a gateway to a plethora of experiences for our tea connoisseurs. Divided into eastern and western Dooars by the Sankosh river, it is analogous with the Terai in northern India and southern Nepal with its lowland belt characterised by tall grasslands, scrub savannah, sal forests and clay-rich swamps. Innumerable streams and rivers flow through these fertile plains from the mountains of Bhutan. In northern West Bengal, the major river is the Teesta besides many others.

Along the winding

Belts of Biodiversity

The area is dotted with several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that house a diverse body of flora and fauna. The dense jungles fill up the countryside and act as habitat to a number of endangered species. Several initiatives are carried out to reduce ill-effects of human-animal conflicts in these regions for maintaining the ecological harmony.

A glance at the

Tea-lands of Delight

The dazzle of the

meandering banks of glee:

Allow your thoughts to meander along the innumerable rivers lined with dense forests of Shorea Robusta and let the bright, smooth liquor bedazzle you with its freshness. A feeling of the first rains in every stir.