The Grandeur of a

Garden full of Gifts

A bouquet for your dearest ones, this assortment is for your immunity to skyrocket into oblivion. TFI brings pepper and turmeric, with their anti-inflammatory properties and grown in carefully chosen patches of lands for a sublime experience in every cup.

With piquant

Chronicles of Cohabitation

It is well known that every life form depends on another either directly or indirectly. Growing turmeric in some of the most premium locations carries an intriguing anecdote of such dependence. Plantation workers plant the turmeric trees in close vicinity to the pepper trees so that they can take shelter from the scorching sun under these pepper trees in times of need. The same pepper trees end up giving shade to the turmeric trees which are prone to dying from extreme heat of the sun especially during summers.

An expedition with

Drops of Generosity

The boon of a

garden full of blessings:

A journey with the magi into the sprawling gardens of spices from across the country. Every flush infused with traces of some of the superiorly grown herbs in otherwise undiscovered patches of the mainland.