Romance with the

Rarest of Realms

Lands where the rolling terrains, a pristine bouquet of springs and streams, unwavering greens come together. The Mandi and Kangra districts in Himachal, the Temi tea estates in Sikkim and the north-easterly estates from the land of the rising sun bring to you the most special collection of experiences to be cherished with every cup.

With a passion for

Nurturing its Indigeneity

Every ecosystem thrives when their nativity is respected and allowed to grow. TFI appreciates and cherishes such a thought and allows for the residents along with the surrounding flora and fauna from these belts to flourish. While the tea plantations form a major economical support for the families living in these regions, their aboriginal techniques and methods are duly recognised and integrated for a collaborative feeling of mutual growth.

A tryst with the

Shimmers of Rarity

A gush of the

lush green, pristine realms:

Lose yourself in the greenery of the pristine lands of Himachal, Sikkim, and Arunachal. Let the scent of rolling terrains covered with unwavering greens flirt with the flow of adjacent springs and streams in every sip you take.