Tulsi Green - 100g


A flavourful cup with a hint of tulsi

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The TFI Experience


The extensive stretch of the emerald toned tea gardens on the Blue Mountains is a sight to behold. Known for their mellow palette and natural sweetness, the Nilgiris produces some of the undiscovered gems of the tea universe. Teas from India brings some of the best teas from the Blue Mountains to your cup.


The pure leafy aroma of the Tulsi is just the right scent to take you on a meditative trance and make you ponder over the finer things about man and nature and all the things that bind them.


Its light yellow colour has a tinge of green that gives you the perfect setting for a solemn meditation on the nuances of the Southern hills.


A flavourful blend with a hint of Tulsi that is guaranteed to surprise you with its authenticity of taste. Rejoice this pure and herbal flavour at the comfort of your house.

How To Brew


Heat 180 ml of water up to 90-degree Celsius


Add 2 – 2.5 grams of tea leaves


Steep the tea leaves for 3 mins and strain



Food Pairing

Spinach and egg toast

Apple pancake


Hot Brew: Tulsi Green Herbal Cup

  • Brew your twirl green liquor along with ginger, pepper, cloves and a cinnamon stick
  • Strain the liquor. Add a spoon of honey to it
  • Serve hot

Cold Brew: Tulsi Green Watermelon Punch

  • Brew your tulsi green liquor and refrigerate it
  • Add watermelon juice in the liquor
  • Add a few ice cubes and watermelon pieces to the liquor and serve

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