The Novelty of

Nuanced Nilgiris

The extensive stretch of the emerald toned tea gardens on the Blue Mountains is a sight to behold. Known for their mellow palette and natural sweetness, the Nilgiris produces some of the undiscovered gems of the tea universe. Teas from India brings some of the best teas from the Blue Mountains to your cup.

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Nilgiri Special Green

Turmeric Green


A cup with a nice and delicate flavours of turmeric

Nilgiri Special Green

Tulsi Green


A flavourful cup with a hint of tulsi

Nilgiri Special Green

Saffron Green


A delicate cup with notes of saffron

Best of Nilgiris

Twirl Green


A delightful green tea with mild and mellow mouthfeel

Best of Nilgiris



A refreshing cup with floral and earthy notes